Do you look through your camera roll and realise they are full of blurry selfies?

Or maybe they are just full of your children and your husband. But where are you? Always the photographer, never the photographee?

Isn’t it time you stepped out from behind the camera and let someone else be the family historian?

When your children look back at the photographs of your childhood, all they will see is “wow, look how young mum looked!” They aren’t going to see all the flaws that you think they see. We are our own harshest critics. And so often when we look back, we think, ‘Why was I so hard on myself?? I looked gorgeous!’

Let’s face it, our children aren’t even going to notice whether we are wearing makeup or whether we lost that extra 5 kilos we keep on telling yourself need to go.

Instead, all they will see is a tangible memory of their childhood. The laughter on your face as you watch them play. The look of love that crosses your face when they’re not looking. The fun, laughter and love embodied in those photographs which are true representations of what happened in that moment.

Wouldn’t it be great to have beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your life while your children are still young? Photographs that document your lifestyle, your children and all their crazy antics in this moment?

Live in the moment. Forget about the makeup or the clothes, or the setting. Just enjoy your kids as they are. They’re only going to be this age for so long. Enjoy it for what it is. And when it comes time to update your family photographs and hire a professional, be secure in the knowledge that you will be existing in those photographs. That your children will see you in their every day activities in those photos, just like it happened in their memories.

Would you love an in-home photography session to capture all the fun and candid moments in your children’s lives as they play? Give me a call (0412389083) or contact me for more information.
Susanna is a candid children’s photographer. Her specialty is capturing young children and their families. Her documentary style means she doesn’t prompt or pose her subjects. Everything you see in her photographs actually happened with no interference from her. She services the Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore and Goulburn districts.