Confession: I have a thing about toddlers. They are my favourite age.

The chubby cheeks.

The way they move around as they transition from crawling to walking.

The look on their their face when something distracts them. There is so much of the world to explore!
The look of concentration as they play with a toy.
The uninhibited look of joy on their faces as they slide down the slippery dip.
And then there’s that moment when you can almost see the person they are going to grow into. I love those moments.
This one.. I love her curiousity. She crawled over to me while I was lying down taking this photographs. Wanting to know what I was doing, trying to figure out what the clicky noise was.
I love how the light hits her cheeks and my fingers are itching to trace the curve of those chubby cheeks.
Do you have a toddler? I’d love the chance to photograph them. They are such a wonderful age to document. And they change so rapidly even in a few months. Get me there now, so I can help time stand still for you. So that you can look back at these moments and watch as your fingers automatically start to trace the curvature of their cheek and a smile blossoms involuntarily on your face as that cheeky look reminds you of so many moments where they just bring joy and love to your heart.

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Susanna is a candid children’s photographer. Her specialty is capturing young children and their families. Her documentary style means she doesn’t prompt or pose her subjects. Everything you see in her photographs actually happened with no interference from her. She services the Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore and Goulburn districts.