You’re busy doing the dishes and you hear peals of laughter.

You stop what you’re doing and peek out.

The girls are playing tip, running around and getting caught in a fit of tickles and giggles.

You can’t help but smile at the scene and your heart bursts with love.This is what life is all about.Now you have a choice.

Do you:

A. Madly scramble for the phone/camera and try to capture the moment?


B. Sit and revel in the moment, try your darndest to imprint it on your memory and then move on?

What are the results?Is it

A. You got the moment. Yes!! Crap, it came out a blurry mess. 🙁

B. I couldn’t find the phone/camera and wasted precious minutes looking for it and by the time I did, the moment was gone.

C. It was awesome, I sat with the moment and am so grateful for my memory, but by the time hubby came home I couldn’t explain it properly. I wish I had photos to show him what I was talking about. Two weeks later the memory has started to fade as life piles up moment after moment, and so the cycle continues.

What if I told you, you could both sit in that moment, enjoy that feeling of love and joy forever AND never forget about it?

Without needing to have a photographic memory?


My fly on the wall photography sessions means you get to have a slice of your life captured in heirloom quality photographs for you and your family to relive over and over again.Imagine being able to simply live in the moment without fear that this moment is fleeting.

What are the every day moments that you want to remember when you’re old and grey?

Would you love an in-home photography session that captures all the fun and candid moments in your children’s lives as they play? Give me a call (0412389083) or contact me for more information.
Who am I? I am a candid children’s photographer. My specialty is capturing young children and their loved ones. My documentary style means I never prompt or pose my subjects.
Everything you see in my photographs actually happened with no interference from me.
I service the Canberra region, including Queanbeyan, Bungendore and Goulburn districts.[/author_info] [/author]

Whatever you do, don’t say Cheese!

My children have been trained by daycare to look at the camera and say cheese. It kills me a little inside every time I see that cheesy smile.

Why capturing your children just as they are is so important

For me, photography is an art form based on capturing families, and specifically young children, just as they are.  No more. No less. This means capturing families not as they wish they were. Not as they like to be. But rather, just as they are. As an outsider in the...

Do I need to clean the house for in home family photography sessions?

Mess is life. With children there is no doubt. Kids and mess are like red wine and cheese. You have can't one without the other. For me, photographs should capture real life as it is. Nothing more, nothing less. And there is beauty and art in that reality that is...