My children have been trained by daycare to look at the camera and say cheese. It kills me a little inside every time I see that cheesy smile.

Of late, my 2 year old has even taken to holding out her toy phone and crying out “say cheese mummy!!”

Oh vey…

I suffer these cheesy smiles, because as a mother, I am never going to say no to any image of my children.

No matter how artificial or cheesy.

But that does not mean I will settle!!! Which is why I make a point of taking photographs of my children My Way, whenever the opportunity arises as well.

These cheesy smiles are just the outtakes for me. lol. What I focus on instead, are the fleeting moments that capture the essence of our life right here, right now.

  • The way they play “tickle me” together on the couch.
  • The way they dance and play together in the living room.
  • The looks of love they give each other when the other isn’t looking.

These are the moments that define our life in this moment.

And this is how I see my life at the moment.

When I think back to this time, these are the moments I will remember. And this is what I want my children to remember too.

Not that cheesy smile! What are the moments that capture your heart and soul right now?

What are the memories and images of your life happening in this moment that you want to remember when you are old and grey?