Mess is life.

With children there is no doubt.

Kids and mess are like red wine and cheese.

You have can’t one without the other.

For me, photographs should capture real life as it is.
Nothing more, nothing less.
And there is beauty and art in that reality that is captured.
In the case of in-home photography sessions, this means embracing the mess.
I have clients who worry and think they have to clean the house before I come.
I say, No!! Put the vacuum down!
Do not touch that duster.
Step away….. just don’t do it.
Because In home sessions should be about capturing moments in your life that are real and true.
Otherwise, what’s the point?
You may as well go out there and do a glamour session and be done with it
My approach to photography and in home sessions is to be able to capture the essence of your family and family life just as it is.
When your kids are #grownandflown the mess that is your house is going to be a different kind of mess.
The mess that you live in now will be different to the mess you live in 5, 10, 15 years from now.
The toys will be different.
The clothes will be different.
Some of the furniture may be different.
The activities that you do together will be different.
You and your family will be different.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture the you that is you in this moment, so you can look back later and relive that difference?
Embrace the mess.
Life is mess.
And mess is life.
Embrace it.
Celebrate it.
Would you love an in-home photography session that captures all the fun and candid moments in your children’s lives as they play? Give me a call (0412389083) or contact me for more information.

Who am I? I ama candid children’s photographer. My specialty is capturing young children and their loved ones. My documentary style means I never prompt or pose my subjects. Everything you see in my photographs actually happened with no interference from me. I service the Canberra region, including Queanbeyan, Bungendore and Goulburn districts.