Let’s embrace the real you.

I believe there’s more to a photograph than simply having everyone smile at the camera.

When you work with me, you won’t ever have me posing you, getting you to look at me, asking you silly questions to get a smile, orchestrating or staging activities and bringing props to your session.

Instead, during our session, you get to simply spend quality time with your children, going about the everyday activities that define your life as it is right now.


Because I believe there is beauty to be found in everyday moments.

And those everyday moments are in fact, all the more beautiful because they are so fleeting.

So here’s my promise to you:


  • Help you decide what you would like to do during your session
  • Not interfere as you go about your activities on the day
  • Talk to your children like they were my own
  • Get up close and personal once in a while, sometimes when you least expect it.
  • Watch from the sidelines
  • Capture beautiful natural smiles, tender interactions, moments of quiet and perhaps the occasional drama!



  • I will never ask you to pose
  • I will never ask you to hold hands and walk off into the distance
  • I will never ask anyone to smile at the camera
  • I will never bribe your children to follow instructions



A mother of two girls, a wife, and boss to one wolfhound cross rescue.

I live off-grid, on 100 acres of bush in Tarago, an hour from Canberra.

My children spend their days throwing tantrums, walking the dog and playing in the backyard, in between dancing and making up their own songs.

My children are my muses.

My documentary style stems from my desire to capture them in the moment as they go about their day.

For me, it’s never about the smile.

Instead, it’s about capturing the natural look of joy as my daughters slide down the slippery dip.

  • The look of awe as they watch a dragonfly skim past.
  • And the look of concentration as they focus on making a playdoh masterpiece, or practise being the next Picasso.

I love to capture the moments of tenderness between parents and children, siblings, and children and their loved ones.

I am drawn to the quiet, the lost in contemplation, the little in between moments, that come and go in the blink of an eye.

My biggest joy is being able to capture a shot without the need to ask you to pose, or wait for me to press the shutter.

The thrill for me is in the chase and capture.

As a photographer, my biggest driver is to capture moments of truth that will help raise self-assured, resiliant children who believe that they are perfect, just as they are.