As a strict non sugar mum, I was horrified to watch as a photographer kept on dropping the “c” word as he was doing the session. One more go and you can have some chocolate!
Ohmygoodness. If that was my family he was trying to capture I’d be absolutely livid.
The prompts that I’ve seen are just as confusing and terrifying for me. Put your hands behind your back, look up at me, mum lie down and dad sit here, kids pile up!!

All I can think is, but what if this isn’t the way your family is??

What if you guys are completely non cuddly or the little girl has a touch sensitivity thing?
Yes ok, so all that stuff should be sorted out during the pre consultation, but honestly, so much work onthe photographer’s end. To think of different prompts and ideas to achieve the look you are after.
I get that for some photographers that is where their joy lies. And there are lots of mothers who are after this kind of session.
But that’s not for me.
I would much rather spend my energy learning about the family on the job as they go about their daily rituals. The children giving me a genuine smile because they choose to and genuinely liking me, rather than for the sake of a m&m.
The kids piling on top of mum because they spontaneously thought it would be fun that day, or because it’s what they ALWAYS do, and not because i suggested it.

Moments of genuine interaction.

I come away each and every time from these tutorials shaking my head. In the beginning I would walk away feeling confused. This isn’t what I do. Does that make me any less a professional photographer?
Over time I have come to accept that my way of doing things is simply different to what others do. It doesn’t make me any less professional. It doesn’t make me any less than what I am.
Our results and goals may be the same, capturing moments of interaction between family members. Documenting this moment in time.
But the approach is different.

My why is slightly different.

I walk a different path.
As they say, all roads lead to Mecca.
It’s just a matter of which road brings me the most joy, is most comfortable for me to walk on, and through which door I choose to walk through.
At the end of the day it is liberating to be able to own your path and your journey.
You are who you are based on the experiences that you have experienced.
And there is absolutely nothing wrong and no shame in that.
It is what makes you different, unique, and all that you are.
I’d love to hear about ways that you are different. What makes your road to learning/parenting/being you, different to every one else?
We should be celebrating our paths and not fearing the differences. I’d love to hear your story in the comments.